Sarcastic Token (5) Oops Bundle - Flawed But Fab

Sarcastic Token (5) Oops Bundle - Flawed But Fab

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  • 5 Good For One Sarcastic Comment Tokens
  • 1.5"
  • backstamp: "The Half Unicorn"


You are purchasing from our Flawed But Fab! products.

Pin or Token flaws are those that did not fall into what’s considered standard imperfections for an enamel pin/token. They may have discolorations, contain more than a couple of dust flecks, nicks or scratches in the enamel or metal, small areas of missing enamel, etc., so they are heavily discounted.

Please note that Flawed But Fab! pins and tokens are not packaged on our usual card backers. They will arrive inside small baggies.

These are hilarious and also great to have on hand to fidget with!