SHOP NEWS: $5 Flat Rate US Shipping! **The BIG Sale starts June 11th - automatic 50% OFF everything!
SHOP NEWS: $5 Flat Rate US Shipping! **The BIG Sale starts June 11th - automatic 50% OFF everything!
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I see a scuff on my enamel product. What gives?

Ah, the nature of enamel pins.  There are handmade elements as well as machinery involved in the manufacturing of enamel pins and such.  A minor imperfection such as a small nick here or there, or a small scuff in the enamel or metal, is actually considered normal and doesn’t take away from the beauty or message of the product.  


At least two sets of eyes inspect each item and a final look is also taken when they are packaged. I try my absolute best to catch any that are beyond standard imperfections. Please note that the “Weathered & Worn” collection is intentionally made to look that way. You could order the token and matching pin in the same color and they will look different. The process to darken areas does leave the back looking a little mottled on the pins (because of the posts), but the front where the party is, looks awesome! Their worn look is actually my favorite of the “AF” line.


Of course I’m partly human and can make a mistake, so please contact us with photos at if you believe your item falls into a lower grade area.


The color of my item is lighter/darker than the website.

Due to differences in monitor/cell phone settings, colors pictured may vary slightly in person.


I forgot to use a promo code. Can you go back and add it?

Please ensure you enter promo codes before submitting your order.  Sorry, we cannot add them afterwards.


I entered the wrong shipping address. Can you update my order?

Please double check your address during check out since I cannot guarantee your order will be caught in time before it’s handed off to the USPS.


Do you make customs? 

We do not make custom products at this time.


I don’t see any unicorn products. Will there be any? 

Coming soon!


I have a question not answered in your FAQ section.

Please reach out to us via email at and we will respond as fast as our hooves…ahem, I mean feet…allow.


Are you really part unicorn?

Damn right I am!